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NAFC Certifications Offered, Requirements and Applications

Certifications Offered and Requirements

The NAFC is the first certification board to develop standards, requirements and examination for the very first Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice Specialist certifications offered, establishing the Forensic Counselor profession and the Criminal Justice Specialist designations.

Due to the efforts and establishments made solely by the NAFC, educational institutions now offer degrees in Forensic Counseling and many national and state level boards have followed in the footsteps of the NAFC by developing subsequent versions of the Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice certification programs originally created by the NAFC.

The NAFC is the first and only national credentialing board offering national accredited certification programs by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) serving the Forensic Counselor and Criminal Justice Specialist.

Certifications Offered Through the NAFC

The NAFC offers clinical level and non-clinical level of NAFC Certified Memberships for Forensic Counselor and Addictions specialty certifications.

NAFC Certified Memberships require that an NAFC Candidate meet all specific set of requirements and pass a content valid and reliable written examination.

NAFC certification examinations are based on the knowledge and skills required, at minimum, of a competent practitioner practicing in their profession.

Completed NAFC Certification Applications

The following comprises, minimally, a completed NAFC Certification Application:

  • All fields within the NAFC Certification Application are completed
  • All required additional documentation submitted and verifiable
  • Application fee

A complete list of required documentation is listed within the NAFC Certification Application.

How to apply for NAFC Certification

  • Download the NAFC Certification Application applicable to the certification for which you are applying:
  • Forensic Specialty and Criminal Justice Specialist certifications: application, requirements, list of Forensic Specialty certifications
  • Addiction Specialty certifications: application, requirements, list of Addiction Specialty certifications
  • Pastoral Addictions/Recovery Counselor certifications: application, requirements, list of Pastoral Addictions/Recovery Counselor specialty certifications
  • Complete the NAFC Certification Application in its entirety
  • Submit the completed NAFC Certification Application to the NAFC via e-mail, mail or FAX

The NAFC Membership Application Processing

Generally, processing time of a completed NAFC Certification Application is three (3) to five (5) weeks; however, many factors can delay the processing time.

Factors that can delay the processing of an NAFC Certification Application:

  • Missing information from the NAFC Certification Application
  • Required documentation not submitted with the application, i.e., copy of state licensure, degree/transcripts, application fee, letters of reference, etc.
  • Any part of the information provided within and/or attached to the NAFC Certification Application is unable to be verified
  • Missing application fee
  • Any additional verifiable information and/or documentation requested by the NAFC in order to complete, verify and/or clarify any part of the NAFC Certification Application

Incomplete NAFC Certification Application Received

No incomplete NAFC Certification Application will be processed until all required and/or additional information and/or documentation is received.

Should an incomplete NAFC Certification Application be received, a letter will be e-mailed and/or mailed to the NAFC Candidate listing what is required in order to begin processing the NAFC Certification Application.

The NAFC may require additional verifiable information and/or documentation above and beyond information and/or documentation listed within the NAFC Certification Application in order to complete, verify and/or clarify any part of the NAFC Certification Application.

NAFC Candidates will be given sixty (60) days from the date of the letter to submit to the NAFC all requested verifiable information and/or documentation. After sixty (60) days, the NAFC Certification Application will be become void and the NAFC Candidate will be required to resubmit an NAFC Certification Application and restart the application process.

Refund Policy for Failure to Provide Verifiable Information and/or Documentation

The NAFC Application Fee is non-refundable under any circumstance.

Should a completed NAFC Application be received and denied, all fees paid above and beyond the NAFC

Approval of an NAFC Certification Application

Upon approval of an NAFC Application, the NAFC will notify the NAFC Candidate and authorize the NAFC Candidate to take the NAFC Certification Examination.

The NAFC Candidate will receive an e-mail directly from Pro-Exams/Comira containing a link to the Comira website where the NAFC Candidate will schedule the date, time and location of their proctored NAFC Certification Examination.

For your convenience, Comira provides over five-hundred (500) proctored testing locations.

Certification and Member Information:


Certifications Offered:

Forensic & Criminal Justice Specialty Certifications:
* indicates both clinical & non-clinical levels of the certification are offered

  1. Forensic Counselor*
  2. Criminal Justice Specialist*
  3. Sex Offender Treatment Specialist*
  4. Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Specialist*
  5. Domestic Violence Counselor*
  6. Forensic Interviewer*
  7. Forensic Social Worker*

Addictions Specialty Certifications

  1. Master Addictions Counselor
  2. Chemical Dependency Counselor
  3. Forensic Addictions Specialist
  4. Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist*
  5. Co-Occurring Disorders Specialist*

Non-Certified Membership Levels:
Memberships are not certifications and do not require passing a written examination. Memberships are not certifications. Representation by a non-certified member as being NAFC certified is not permitted.

  1. Clinical
  2. Professional
  3. Research
  4. Student

Please see page eleven (11) of the NAFC Certification Application for the certification you are interested in for a complete list of requirements.

Member Information Changes
Members are required to notify NAFC of any changes of any and all information including name, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, change of employment, change of job position, change of licensure status, etc. Space is provided on the renewal form for such changes. Changes can also be made by contacting our office or updating your information here.

Deployed Military
Deployed military are exempt from late and reinstatement fees. NAFC shall renew or reinstate, with no additional fees or penalties, certifications which expired during the time of a member's deployment upon providing proof of deployment status.

Click here to find out if you are eligible for reimbursement for your certification(s) and/or examination(s) under the various programs offered through the armed services and VA.

Adding or Changing a Certification
Current certified members that wish to obtain an additional certification, or change certifications must make application, meet all requirements and pass the written certification examination for which they are applying. Current certified members wishing to add or change certifications may do so at a reduced fee of $250.00 which includes the application fee, examination fee and first year's certification fee.



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The American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors (AACFC) is the Certification Commission of the National Association of Forensic Counselors.