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COVID ICU Nurse Seeks to Open Treatment Center to Aid Frontline
By The Bay Corp (BTB) ‘s mission is to meet the recovery goals of high-pressured professionals.

Founder Jonathan Godfrey ... is no stranger to healthcare workers’ specific needs ... He has since become immersed in one of the nation’s biggest problems as an ICU nurse working with COVID patients. He continues to see the level of strain on hospital staff in these environments ...

... Joining the team is Lucas Catton, CEO of Advanced Recovery Resources, who works with multiple rehabilitation programs as a consultant and recently helped launch another successful startup in the field.

“Having helped dozens of treatment facilities to grow over the years, I believe that having a strong leader with a clear mission is one of the surest signs of success. By The Bay fits both of those, and Jonathan’s purpose is inspiring,” Catton said ... read more

2021.02.11 Ed. 1104

In this edition of Finding Your Way, Lucas Catton discusses releasing yourself from resentment, how resentment and the releasing of it effects your mental and physical health. He gives two very helpful book references and discusses steps you can take to release resentment towards others. Even if they are not willing to acknowledge the offense, you can release the bitterness and anger for yourself and your happiness.





2021.01.27 Ed. 1103

In this second edition of Finding Your Way, Lucas Catton discusses mindfulness, a brief history of origin, its role in the development of other therapies, such as mindfulness cognitive therapy, its application, and the benefits achieved through mindfulness. 




2021.01.07 Ed. 1102

In this first edition of Finding Your Way, Lucas Catton shares some helpful tools and tips from well-known author and psychologist, Rick Hanson, Ph.D.; From his best-selling book Resilient, Hanson explores ways to reduce resistance to daily struggles and difficulties so that we can increase our happiness with less effort to move beyond obstacles we face. 




 2020.12.08 Ed. 1101







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